How To Lose Weight - Eat fewer calories.

Forbidden Agenda

How To Lose Weight

Eat fewer calories.

Consume 5000 calories and only use 2500? Gain weight. Reverse the numbers? Lose weight. It works for absolutely everyone and there are no medical conditions where this truth is negated.

Eat the three slices of pizza and a bag of chips if you want. The key is to stop eating early in the day. Don't eat later than 3 - 4:00 PM. The more you eat, the earlier you have to stop eating. If you are a drinker, there is no easier way to lose weight than to stop drinking, especially late. If you do want to drink then stop eating even earlier in the day and at least cut back the alcohol. Yes, all the things other guides tell you is true as well regarding eat more protein, fiber, and nutrient dense foods. But, you can lose all the weight you want by eating crappy delicious processed foods and just not eating late.