Socialist Libertarianism. Yes, It's Possible.

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Socialist Libertarianism. Yes, it's possible

I have no problem with socialism, communism, or any system as long as everyone under the system has joined it voluntarily and is free to leave. You can be a socialist and join together with other socialists voluntarily, because that system is what you believe works best. As long as it's voluntary we should see the best examples of all these systems. Communists claim true communism has never been tried, well now it can be, absent violence. People should be able to voluntarily structure themselves as they see fit. So yes you can easily have a socialist libertarian, a person who believes in limited socialist government.

As long as people can say no to the tax collector and violence not be done to them, I'm all in favor of whatever systems people form. It will be an open market of ideas and the best systems will rise to the top.